“Rain, rain go away”
“Come again another day”
“Little Johnny wants to play”

Johnny loves to recite that poem when he was a child, especially whenever it rains and he cannot play outside. He hated the rain. However, he loves what comes after it – the rainbow. He gets fascinated by the mere thought of seeing one. Maybe it’s because of his young age…or perhaps it’s just a child’s nature to be fascinated by something as amusing as a rainbow. Her mum told him that a rainbow means hope…a new beginning. He did not understand it that time.

Years have passed by and he is now a young adult. Everything changes when one grows up, both physically and mentally. Same goes to his fascination with the rainbow. He got busy with school and his new friends that he doesn’t seem to care about it anymore.

Then he met Jenny. I remember that first time we saw her. We were walking along the streets at PrintShop. Walking while we were talking, we didn’t even notice some girl coming out from the shop nearby. Then it was a bit too late already…Johnny bumped into Jenny, spilling the poor girl’s soda. Then came the obligatory apologies and pleasantries and exchanges of numbers.

The first time he saw her, I knew there was something into it. He said it was love at first sight…I said it was love at first bump! Whichever the case was, he knew at that moment, he was in love.

Dinner dates, movies, out of towns, road trips – It was all such an amazing experience all of a sudden for him whenever he is with Jenny. I suppose when you are in love, everything seems to be in full colour, and roses, and cheesy stuff. For me, as far as I know, so long as they both having a blast, it’s an awesome place to be.

He was happy. I am happy they were. It was all good….all good to be true.

A few weeks came and the sugar coatings on the chocolates soon melted and all that’s left was the dull fillings inside. That is how I managed to describe how things went for them both. Phone calls left unanswered. Emails still un-replied. Exams seems to hinder meetings and dating. Movies seem to be boring suddenly. Both seem to be so far…far away.

He came to me and I knew his heart was broken. I know him well not to notice it. It would be lame for me not to. “She broke-up with me,” is all he can say. I knew he wanted to cry, but as manly as he is, he would never let me see him in that situation. Not in this lifetime.


A few days have passed and everyday seems to be raining for Johnny. He remembers how he hated the rain. How it made him stay inside the house and not able to play when he was a child. Now that he has grown and matured, he still hates it the more. He wanted it to stop. Stop the rain….stop the pain….

I still remember how he still tries to call her…to see her. I remember how many un-replied emails he got and still hopeful that when he opens his e-mail, he would receive something or anything from her. I remember how many times we got drunk till dawn, trying to make him forget, only to fail and feel beaten the next day. I remember his pain. I remember his suffering. I know him well…very well.

I am Johnny.

It has been raining since Jenny left. I really want to see the rainbow again….


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